The Risks of Career Change Offer Big Rewards

August 11, 2014
Jerisia Lamons

Jerisia Lamons

As you search for new career opportunities, here’s an important question you might not have considered: Are you willing to take a risk?

New ventures always present some risks, and job searches are no exception. Of course, you don’t want to be reckless with your career, but sometimes taking a risk is exactly what a job seeker should do.

Many job seekers often end up searching for career opportunities that match their experience too closely. You might think you need to do the same type of work you’ve always done, and easily could be overlooking the right career opportunities.

Think about your transferable skills. You don’t have to toss aside all the valuable experience you’ve built up so far. Though it might not be obvious, you’ve developed skills that apply to other jobs, even other fields.

The tools at can help you start identifying these skills, and Kentucky Career Center – Lincoln Trail staff can help you evaluate your skills and determine what in-demand careers could be a great fit for you.

Consider investing in your education or training. There’s no doubt about it, going back to school is a big decision, but a well-researched plan can lead you to a higher paying, more rewarding career.

You should know you would not b

e alone as an older student. Of the 17.6 million Americans enrolled in higher education, 38 percent are older than 25. One-fourth are older than 30. Plus, the rise of the non-traditional student is shaking up higher education and institutions are reinventing programs especially to meet adult needs.

The career counselors at Kentucky Career Center – Lincoln Trail can help you find local education and training programs and determine if you qualify for financial resources including those for displaced workers.

Are you ready to strike out on your own? Many consider starting your own business the greatest career risk of all, but plenty of Kentuckians are deciding to do just that. In fact, Kentucky ranked seventh in the nation on the Kauffman Index of Entrepreneurial Activity last year.

If you have a great product or service idea or have always wanted to manage your own business, don’t be afraid to chase your dream. Our region offers a multitude of resources to help entrepreneurs, including the University of Kentucky Small Business Development Council and the Kentucky Innovation Network, both in Elizabethtown.

You can learn more about entrepreneurialism at 100 Ideas for Now. This special event will include brainstorming sessions, tours of downtown Elizabethtown businesses and information from local small business resources. Mark your calendar for Sept. 30 and check back for more information in the coming weeks.
Whether your next opportunity takes to another field, to a classroom or to your own business, research and planning and a little courage will go a long way. I hope you’ll take the right risks and take advantage of our region’s resources in your career search.

Jerisia Lamons is Client Services Manager for Kentucky Career Center – Lincoln Trail in Elizabethtown. She can be reached at or (270) 766-5115.


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