How to Report Employee Return to Work Date

May 26, 2020

Employers are now able to upload their employees’ return to work dates without Cabinet staff assistance. This is the most efficient way to report Return to Work.

But before an employer reports return to work dates, they should be sure it is in fact the correct return to work date. The return to work dates is the first day an employee is able to return to his/her normal unaffected schedule, before hours were reduced and before any lay-offs occurred, on a permanent basis. The key with the return to work date is that there are no future reductions in hours or lay-offs planned.

Please note, a return to work date is the date you have instructed an employee to return to work. If they choose not to return, you do not need to report that to the Cabinet. Once a return to work date has been updated in the system, the claim is closed and the employee can no longer request a benefit payment.

Here is a step by step guide on how to report an employee's return to work dates.

Report Return to Work Guide

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