Now is the time for a rewarding career in plumbing

September 14, 2021

Lucas Hedgespeth

Skilled plumbers have always been in high demand, yet it is a career path that sometimes gets overlooked despite its many benefits. We are seeing a strong need for both commercial and residential plumbers in Kentucky, so now is a great time to consider a career in plumbing. A fulfilling field with excellent pay and insurance, a plumbing certification only requires a two-year apprenticeship program to get started - much less time than many other technical programs.

My name is Lucas Hedgespeth, and I am the owner of Performance Plumbing which serves the Lincoln Trail area. My grandfather was a master plumber, and my father worked construction. Growing up in the industry, plumbing was a natural choice and an excellent fit for me. However, prior experience isn’t the only way to excel in this field.

One of my most successful hires was a young man with no prior trade experience. Still, he was hardworking, saw the advantages of the industry, and was dedicated to learning. Throughout his apprenticeship, he quickly became one of my best men. The industry clicked with him, and it’s been fantastic watching him grow into it. If you are willing to give this field an honest effort, we are excited to teach and encourage you on this journey, now more than ever.

The recent housing boom has increased the need for an already in-demand service. New houses need new toilets, sinks and more, and we need men and women to install them. The National Association of Home Builders’ Spring 2021 Construction Market Report saw a stunning 55 percent shortage of plumbers available for work. Contractors are eager for new talent, and they are paying well for it. The current median pay for plumbers in the United States is $56,330 per year, or around $27 an hour.

One of the most valuable benefits of a plumbing career is the gratification of helping people. All of the best plumbers I know have a servant’s heart and truly enjoy rectifying plumbing woes for their clients. Whether it’s a “dirty job” or not, few industries have happier customers than those with resolved plumbing issues.

I have been in the industry for over 15 years, and I am still learning new things all the time. Working on older homes, sometimes it is hard to know what the builders were thinking. Still, it is a plumber’s job to figure out how to resolve the situation, even if it is unlike anything we have seen before. Reaching a solution is highly satisfying, and it is great to know that your work positively impacted someone’s day. If you are a compassionate problem solver, this career may be for you.

If this article has sparked your interest, setting up an apprenticeship is the best way to get started. Apprenticeships are excellent for hands-on people and will have you diving into the work right away, earning your certification within two years. If you aren’t sure where to start, the Kentucky Career Center-Lincoln Trail (KCC-LT) is a helpful resource. KCC-LT is connected to the most reliable companies and training providers in the area and is the first to know when companies are hiring. The team at KCC-LT can assist you in updating your resume, filling out applications and practicing for interviews.

If plumbing is a field you or someone you know could see a future in, there is no better time than now to dive in and start learning. For more information on job openings and training, contact KCC-LT today!

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