Minutes of the Lincoln Trail Workforce Development Board: March 21, 2017

March 21, 2017

The Lincoln Trail Workforce Development Board (LTWDB) met on Tuesday, March 21, 2017 at 11:30 am EDT, at the Lincoln Trail ADD office in Elizabethtown.

Gary Chapman, first vice-chair, called the meeting to order in Mo Miller’s absence.


Carter Dyson, One Stop Director, provided an overview of the Kentucky Career Center-Lincoln Trail system and services.



Mr. Chapman indicated the requirements for the first quorum had been met but the second quorum had not, therefore the board could not take action on the December 2016 minutes.

Executive Committee Report and Recommendations

Mr. Chapman presented the Executive Committee report and recommendations. He shared that the committee had a special called meeting on January 30, 2017 to consider a plan in response to the Office of Employment and Training (OET) reorganization. The committee also tabled consideration of the strategic planning proposal. During the February 15, 2017 regular meeting the committee approved the recommendation of the Funding and WEED committees to select Strategy Matters as the contractor to develop the board’s strategic plan. The committee also heard updates on the OET reorganization as well as the State’s plan of One Stop Operator procurement.

Youth and Funding Committee Recommendation

Sherry Johnson informed the board that the Youth and Funding committees were scheduled to    review a proposal to provide work-based learning and work experience to youth but were asked by staff to put the process on hold. This was due to recent guidance issued by the Department of Labor that caused some concern regarding the procurement of youth services, which may require the services to be bid out. Ms. Johnson indicated that a strict work experience could be done in-house with Kentucky FAME to help kids out of high school get started with employers prior to training. Ms. Johnson stated that staff would look into the guidance and get back with the board as soon as possible. Representative Dean Schamore and Laura LaRue asked if there was a deadline to spend the work experience money. Ms. Johnson indicated June 30, 2017 was the deadline but that it was still possible to meet it. She stated that staff would get back with the Youth and Funding committees as soon as next steps were determined. She also mentioned that a Request for Proposal (RFP) could be issued pretty quickly, if needed.



OET Reorganization Update

Sherry Johnson recognized the newest board member Dr. Juston Pate, President of Elizabethtown Community and Technical College. Representative Dean Schamore then introduced his college intern, Gracie Lagadinos. Ms. Johnson also introduced Liz O’Connor, Brittney Nichols, Josh Moulton and Ling Ling Shao with Strategy Matters. Additional guests Sarah Berkshire, with Heartland Communication Consultants, Edie Jackson and Dianne Bratcher, with Kentucky Adult Education, and Scott Secamiglio, with KCEWS, were also recognized. Ms. Johnson provided an update on the status of the four centers affected by the reorganization. She stated that the goal of the board’s plan was to continue a presence in each of these communities and that WIOA staff would continue providing services at all four centers. Ms. Johnson indicated that Adult Education staff was in the process of moving into the Leitchfield center and had plans to move into the Bardstown center as well. OET and Office of Vocational Rehabilitation (OVR) had moved all of their staff to the hub in Elizabethtown. Springfield/Washington County and Lebanon/Marion County city and county governments have worked together with the LTWDB to keep these centers open. The Springfield office is open on an itinerant basis. Ms. Johnson stated that OET had not yet indicated if they would have a presence at these centers. Currently, OET services are only being offered in Elizabethtown. Ryan Henson indicated that OVR would still be providing services in all of the counties but he wasn’t sure yet where and when. It was suggested that OVR put together a schedule to keep the public informed. Mr. Henson agreed to look into this.


One Stop Operator Procurement Update 

Sherry Johnson provided information on the one stop operator procurement process and referred the board to several handouts. Ms. Johnson discussed one stop operator procurement guidelines issued by the State as well as draft State policies 17-001 and 17-002. Ms. Johnson stated the draft policies could have a major impact on the partnership agreement between the LTWDB and the local elected officials in relation to board staff. She indicated the WIOA law states the local board may hire staff but the State’s draft policies are interpreting the may as must. Ms. Johnson stressed that if the policy was approved it could have significant impacts. The State has indicated they would like to have the policy in place by March 31st. Ms. Johnson stated the one stop operator must be procured, according to the law. She indicated that the Local Elected Officials and the LTWDB have a partnership agreement, which stipulates the job duties Lincoln Trail Area Development District staff provides to the board. The State’s draft policy declares that the agreement would no longer be valid. Ms. Johnson stated that the LEO’s have ultimate financial liability for workforce dollars along with a multitude of roles under WIOA, in partnership with the LTWDB. Ms. Johnson indicated that a decision would have to be made regarding what services the LTWDB and the LEOS’s want the Lincoln Trail Area Development District to provide. Ms. Johnson informed the board that the one stop operator had to be procured between now and June 30, 2017 along with the development of a local and regional plan. Ms. Johnson indicated she would keep the board posted of any developments. Ms. Johnson shared that Strategy Matters would be back on April 12 for a community meeting of stakeholders and encouraged board members to participate. Ms. Johnson invited board members to stay for a demonstration of the KCEWS Future Skills report by Scott Secamiglio following the board meeting.








With no further business to discuss the meeting was adjourned.






March 21, 2017


Lisa Boone

Jennifer Carman

Daniel Carney

Stan Carton

Gary Chapman

Dr. Evelyn Ellis

Ryan Henson

Don Howerton

Patricia Krausman

Laura LaRue

Dr. Juston Pate

Al Rider

Rep. Dean Schamore

Joe Ashley

Mary Cambron*

William Deaton

Renard Duvall

Mo Miller*

Trish Niles

Tom Renfrow

Ken Ritchie

Trinity Searcy

Tim White

Sherry Johnson

Jackie Masterson



Sarah Berkshire

Dianne Bratcher

Dr. Tom Davenport

Connie Goff

Edie Jackson

Josh Moulton

Brittney Nichols

Liz O’Connor

Ling Ling Shao

Scott Secamiglio


*Denotes excused absence




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