Get Involved

November 17, 2017

We have committees working in three big areas to increase the number of people in our region who are looking to join the workforce.  

  1. Business Supports: many of our local employers are investing in being great places to work. We’re working with them to support those efforts and find new strategies for continuous improvement!
  2. Increasing Local Commitment: our Task Force members are working with residents to identify what they want and need in the area to put down roots, build lifelong careers and thrive in Lincoln Trail!
  3. Paving Pathways:  this group is finding ways to help reduce the barriers to workforce participation - like the high costs of child care and the challenges related to transportation across a rural area.

Email to find out when and where each of these committees meets next, and we’ll invite you!

If you’re a business owner or any kind of employer, you know what we’re talking about - we need to find ways to connect more residents to the many jobs open in our region; soon!  Join our mailing list to learn about our efforts to connect employers to solutions in recruitment and retention of the workforce you need.  Email us at

If you’re an educator, civic or faith leader or anyone working with many people in the region, we need your help in finding new ways to connect potential workers with jobs, and in helping catalyze solutions to the many barriers that prevent people from working today. Contact us at to talk further. 

The Kentucky Career Center – Lincoln Trail helps match job seekers with local employment and training opportunities. Our business solutions team offers employers of all sizes and industries personalized support to build a competitive workforce. We are an equal opportunity employer.
Program is funded with Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act Title I funds through the Kentucky Education and Labor Cabinet and the Lincoln Trail Workforce Development Board.
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