Employers Filling Mass E-Claims

March 19, 2020

Any employer with at least 50 employees, who is laying off at least 15 employees, is encouraged to file a claim on behalf of their employees through the Mass Electronic Claim (E-Claims) process.

Please find below the most up-to-date information and instructions regarding employers filing E-Claims.

Employer Information E-Claim Guide (IMPORTANT: REVIEW FIRST)

Employer Directions for Submitting an E-Claim File

E-Claim Data Error Reporting

Example of Claimant Directions

The E-Claim Template

  • This is the actual E-Claim file that the employer will submit to the Office of Unemployment Insurance at UIeclaims@ky.gov to initiate the claim filing.  E-Claim Template. The downloadable Excel file template must be used.

Please note that the “return to work date within 4 weeks” requirement is temporarily suspended. Due to the current situation, we are allowing employers to file for the employees even if the layoff may extend beyond that time period.

Here is a link to the UI Debit Card Info for employees.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Mass Electronic Claim for Unemployment Insurance at 502-564-2369 or UIeclaims@ky.gov .

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