62 Percent of Residents Satisfied with Their Job

November 17, 2008

Market research recently collected by Preston-Osborne Marketing Communications and Research on behalf of the Lincoln Trail Career Centers found that 62 percent of respondents who live in the area are satisfied with their current job. The top employment sectors in the area, according to the Kentucky Office of Employment and Training, are services; manufacturing; utilities, trade and transportation; and schools and state/local government.

Seventy-six percent of the respondents, however, agreed that if they had more education or training, they could find a new job that offers greater satisfaction. The top reasons respondents do not pursue workforce development training are age, time and family commitments, money, a lack of education, and the distance of colleges or lack of educational facilities in the area. According to a Lincoln Trail Career Center spokesman, a lack of available resources and perceived costs are common misconceptions among the general public.

"The Lincoln Trail Career Centers offer a wide array of services─many free of charge─that benefit those seeking employment assistance regardless of age or career status," said Jim Skees, Business Liaison for the Lincoln Trail Area Development District. "And, with four full-service centers in the eight-county area, we are close to home."

The Lincoln Trail Career Centers offer a one-stop solution for job seekers and employers. Job seekers can find assistance with career services, such as résumé writing, education, skills training and job placement. The Lincoln Trail Career Centers also work with local and state agencies, such as the Office of Employment and Training, to assist job seekers in finding employment. Despite offering these resources, the research showed that nearly half of all respondents had never heard of the Lincoln Trail Career Centers.

"People typically think of us as the ‘unemployment office,' but the Lincoln Trail Career Centers offer much more," said Tommy Wheatley, Workforce Development Manager. "We encourage residents needing employment assistance, whether they are job seekers or employers, to learn more about the many services that are available."

When asked about the Lincoln Trail area overall, respondents indicated that the top five issues facing the community are gas prices, the economy, a lack of jobs, education and a lack of good paying jobs.

"There are good paying jobs available," said Wheatley, "but people may not know how to find them or may be intimidated by the application process. That's where we can help."

Research data was collected and tabulated by Preston-Osborne of Lexington, Ky., between April 30 and May 15, 2008. The findings are based on a total sample size of 400 that derives a maximum margin of error of +4.90 percentage points. All margins of error are calculated at the 95 percent confidence level.

For more information about the Lincoln Trail Career Centers, please visit www.ltcareercenter.org. Further information about the resources for job seekers, employers and economic development professionals can be found at https://www.e3.ky.gov and https://www.workforcekentucky.ky.gov.

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